Welcome to The Nature School

We embrace a unique curriculum designed to provide an interactive, playful interchange with the natural world. Based on the concept of cycles and seasons, children ages 2.9 to 9 years live what they learn through activities such as recycling and composting, organic gardening and harvesting, pond and woodland life exploration, as well as cause and effect and other science experiments.

Our daily schedule is conducted through a rhythmic pattern that is consistent and progressive, including circle work that contains seasonal songs, poems, speech work, riddles, storytelling, puppet shows, drama and theater, numbers, fingerplays, rhythm and dancing. This extraordinary program also includes cultural cooking and cultural studies, yoga, outdoor activities, free play, snack, lunch and more ---while working very artistically through the means of painting, handwork, woodwork and garden work.

The Nature School is surrounded by 30 acres of conservation land offering abundant wildlife and nature trails for the children to actively explore, question and observe nature in all its glory.

The highly diverse internal environment stimulates children to actively question, participate, observe, listen and feel very much a part of the world around them. The Nature School is committed to purchasing only natural furnishings and materials for the classrooms, and the children are served all natural and organic snacks and juices. Each beautifully designed classroom becomes a mircrocosm of the larger world, where the life cycles of nature determine the rhythm of the days.

 We extend an invitation to all to make an appointment to visit us. You will fall in love with the garden of possibilities that await each and every child and their family.

We ask for your patience as we create this site. Feel free to contact us for any information you don't see.